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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization

SCBH offers a program for individuals who require partial hospitalization.
This program is beneficial to individuals who are in the Primary Residential Program. Psychiatric oversight is an important part of the program, allowing for medication management and regular visits with an assigned Primary Therapist.

The battle against an addiction is a struggle that may require more than just the basic treatment. In some situations, you may be involved in the partial hospitalization program that segues into the residential care program.

What is Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

A partial hospitalization program provides professional medical supervision and care when a person enters into addiction treatment.

Those clients admitted directly to PHP will also participate in an evaluation. They will participate in the same therapeutic activities as the Residential clients, Monday through Friday. Clients in this program are assigned to a Primary and a Secondary Therapists for treatment planning, and they will meet with their Therapists weekly.

When you are in the partial hospitalization program, you move into the residential program after getting the medical treatment that you require. After entering the residential program, you will undergo an evaluation and a doctor will provide appropriate medication management based on the individual.

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