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The ongoing accumulation of addiction research offers a more thorough understanding of addiction. However, while we know more now than ever before, we continue to look for answers, particularly when it comes to addiction development and susceptibility. Studies have approached the search for variables that could be responsible for the development of addiction from many different angles. The hope is to find connections or causal relationships between the disease and an individual’s social, experiential or biological circumstances. Since a child’s circumstances and experiences shape his or her physical and psychological development, it follows that researchers would begin looking at the role that childhood experience might play in becoming an addict.

With a few key changes, the United States could reduce drug overdoses by 50 percent. But that means challenging our prejudices about addiction.

Americans are dying at record rates. People with substance use disorder are a significant population in our country, but what are leaders doing to protect them and prevent overdose deaths? Ignorance and fear cause people to throw up their hands instead of tackling the problem.

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South Coast Behavioral Health facilities are designed for people suffering from psychiatric disorders who seek in-depth therapy as an alternative to an inpatient or hospital environment for their care.