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Why South Coast Behavioral Health?

We believe SCBH is the best inpatient and outpatient treatment center providing mental health and substance abuse services not only by having luxurious inpatient housing but by having highly educated and knowledgeable staff i.e. fully licensed psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists, nurses and other mental health profesisonals providing psychological services.

What makes us exceptional is that we provide first-rate treatment methodologies such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).

We Care

South Coast Behavioral Health facilities are designed for people suffering from psychiatric disorders and substance abuse disorders who seek in-depth therapy as an alternative to an inpatient or hospital environment for their care.

Research has demonstrated that many individuals not only greatly benefit from a non-restrictive outpatient environment but are also able to maintain work and school schedules, keep connected to loved ones and are able to practice learned behavioral skills in the comfort of their own homes with full support from South Coast Behavioral Health’s professional staff. To fit your schedule, we offer multiple treatment options.

Experienced Specialists

We specialize in the treatment of psychiatric, emotional issues and substance dependence using a synergistic, holistic model. Our mental health treatment programs are designed to empower you to become self-aware and to provide you with a strong sense of emotional control as well as a feeling of mental, physical and emotional wellness.

While we recognize that many individuals struggle with psychological problems, our treatment focus is not only on the symptoms of your disorder but also the underlying issues that may have impacted and exacerbated your current mental and behavioral health problems.

Time-tested Solutions

Our time-tested and research based mental health programs are designed to provide highly effective therapeutic support for restoring your overall wellness. Treatment at South Coast Behavioral Health is holistic, individualized, and effective.

We offer integrated treatment programs that prepare each client to move forward to a new, productive phase of their life. Our commitment is to assist our clients in developing carefully constructed “road maps” for healthier and more productive lives. Our clients leave our programs with a solid sense of their next goals and the resources to achieve them.

Our treatment programs are individualized to meet each person’s specific needs. Our clinical team provides an in depth assessment of your needs and then collaborates with you to set therapy goals and design appropriate therapy treatment programs. Our highly experienced staff works with you and consults with one another on a regular basis to assure you are getting the very best care possible and that you progressing toward your goals. You are not alone – Our staff is always available to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Located in the beautiful Orange County, California, South Coast Behavioral Health outpatient facilities offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Within a few miles of the Pacific Ocean, our treatment facility and treatment programs provide a comfortable, effective yet affordable and safe alternative to inpatient psychiatric treatment.

As a premier mental health outpatient treatment center, we have acquired extensive experience in outpatient psychiatric treatment. South Coast Behavioral Health provides comprehensive mental health treatment in a comfortable setting for those suffering from psychiatric disorders such as:

Our experienced team of therapists and doctors understands the importance of treating each person as an individual. Our treatments focus on treating each client uniquely at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

South Coast Behavioral Health provides a holistic treatment approach unique to each individual. We acknowledge that each person and every situation is different, and we offer a specialized treatment plan for each client dealing with life’s struggles.

Our interdisciplinary treatment staff is highly qualified, dedicated, and focused on treating the whole person. The focus of South Coast Behavioral Health is to address the primary underlying issues of each client’s problems, while providing therapeutic and psychosocial support for healing and personal growth.

Each client at South Coast Behavioral Health is supported as they follow a treatment plan developed specifically for their needs. We believe that individuals experience greater resolution of their problems and enhanced personal growth when their treatment is customized to their particular needs and they progress at their own pace.

This holistic, collaborative process with our team of experts gives our clients a sense of empowerment in the treatment process and restored hope that they can continue on this plan after they leave the supportive environment at South Coast Behavioral Health.

“There’s no health without mental health.”

At South Coast Behavioral Health outpatient facilities, we are dedicated to helping you improve your life.

The South Coast Behavioral Health treatment model will ensure that you develop and master a carefully constructed “road map” for a healthier and more productive life.

Our goal is to create a mental health program through our research proven and compassionate environment. Our staff is dedicated to relieving your suffering and to empower you by teaching you the tools you need to succeed in life.

To facilitate in the healing process, we provide each person with a unique treatment plan that meets your specific needs and that thoroughly utilizes research-based interventions and resources to provide proven, effective, empathetic and appropriate clinical care.

The ultimate goal for the staff at South Coast Behavioral Health is to return you to a happy fulfilling life. Our treatment programs are dedicated to helping you to become self-empowered and to provide you with a sense of emotional control and the self-confidence in order to face life’s challenges. We are here for you… whatever your needs are, we have a treatment program that will return you to a happy fulfilling life.

Our lives may be compared to a puzzle in which, at times, some of the pieces are missing or broken. Unless they are found or fixed, we may feel out of sorts and may need help reassembling the puzzle of life.

South Coast Behavioral Health Day Treatment Facility was founded on these five basic principles:

  1. Strong Clinical Foundation
  2. Strong Educational Program
  3. Commitment to Relationships
  4. Fundamental Values
  5. The worth of each individual who enters our door

About Us

South Coast Behavioral Health facilities are designed for people suffering from psychiatric disorders who seek in-depth therapy as an alternative to an inpatient or hospital environment for their care.